About The National Deaf DV Hotline

The National Deaf Domestic Violence Hotline provides 24/7 support for Deaf callers nationwide. More so, we provide advocacy and information regarding domestic violence and sexual assault. ADWAS, in Seattle, Washington, partners with the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH), in Austin, Texas, to provide DV services in American Sign Language.
As a result of this partnership, Deaf advocates at the Hotline can be reached at any time through videophone (VP), live chat or email.


Our Deaf advocates receive extensive training in domestic violence/sexual assault awareness. With this experience, Deaf advocates are able to provide culturally-sensitive crisis intervention, education, information and referrals for Deaf callers.
ADWAS & hotline advocates offer many ways to support callers as we can:
  • listen and provide emotional support
  • provide information and referrals
  • do domestic violence and sexual assault education
  • brainstorm with callers ways to keep safe
  • develop safety plans
Advocates can also work with Deaf and hearing friends and family members of Deaf survivors. Helpers can call us to learn more about intervention strategies and how to support survivors.
ADWAS also gives hearing domestic violence and sexual assault programs and shelters cultural training, support, education and technical assistance to improve their accessibility for Deaf survivors. For shelters and programs that want training or information on working with Deaf survivors, they can contact us.
Deaf advocates additionally have outreach campaigns to spread awareness and education about this hotline as well as information regarding domestic violence and sexual assault within the Deaf community.