Deaf Agencies

CaliforniaDeafHopeDeafHope@deaf-hope.org510.735.8553 VP
California: Greater Los AngelesPeace Over Violencelaura@peaceoverviolence.org866.947.8684 VP
California: SacramentoDeafSafedeafsafe@norcalcenter.org916.993.3048 VP
Colorado: DenverDOVEhotline@deafdove.org303.831.7874 VP
DC: WashingtonDAWNinfo@deafdawn.org202.559.5366 VP
GeorgiaBRIDGESDSwope@gcadv.org404.381.8282 VP
IowaDeaf Iowans Against Abusehelp@diaaiowa.org319.531.7719 VP
Illinois: ChicagoChicago Hearing Societyaskchs@anixter.org773.904.0156 VP
Indiana 317.644.6206 VP
MassachusettsOur Deaf Survivor Centercbodsc414@gmail.com978.451.7225 VP
Minnesota: St. PaulThinkSelfadvocates@thinkself.org651.829.9089 VP
New JerseyDeaf Advocacy ProjectDAP@njcedv.org609.528.7216 VP
New York: RochesterIgniteDeafIGNITE@gmail.com585.286.2713 VP
New York: SyracuseVera Houseinfo@verahouse.org315.425.0818
New York: New York CityBarrier Free Living: Secret Gardeninfo@bflnyc.org646.350.2662 VP
OhioDWAVEinfo@dwaveohio.org614.678.5476 VP
Texas: AustinDeaf SHARE deafservices@safeaustin.org512.267.7233
UtahSego Lilyhelp@462.a10.myftpupload.com801.614.7885 VP
VermontDVASkeriDVAS@gmail.com802.661.4091 VP
WashingtonADWASadwas@adwas.org855.812.1001 VP
WisconsinDeaf Unityhelp@deafunitywi.org608.466.2881


18 PercentAll Ages | Forum | Support Offers a Slack community for those struggling with a wide range of mental health issues to find peer support.
211For: Adults & Teens | Directory | Service | Connects users with local resources and assistance. Text zip code to 898211.
54321 Grounding TechniqueFor: All Ages | PDF | Coping Skill | Five step grounding exercise.
Active MindsFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Empowers college students to speak out about mental illness and encourages them to ask for help.
American Association of Poison Control CentersFor: All Ages | Website and Hotline| Service | Provides 24/7 confidential and expert medical advice for poisoning information and helps reduce costly hospital visits through in-home treatment.
Aunt BerthaFor: All Ages | Directory | Service | Connects users to free and reduced cost local resources such as medical care, food, housing, transportation and much more.
Be ThereFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Offers a wide range of community resources and peer to peer support (phone and text) that serves all of Department of Defense; Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve personnel and their direct family members. Children below the age of 18 can call but a parent must be present and consent to the conversation.
Breathing GifFor: All Ages | GIF | Coping Skill | Breathing exercise visual aid for anxiety or panic attacks.
CBT RecordFor: All Ages | PDF | Coping Skill | Worksheet to identify and correct maladaptive thoughts.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outpatient Mental Health ProgramFor: Florida Outpatient Mental Health services.
Give an HourFor: All Ages | Directory/Search | Informative | Connects military members and their families with resources including free mental health services donated by private practitioners.
InspireFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Forum | Anonymous online support groups that connects people who share similar hardships.
LawHelpFor: Adults | Website | Informative | Provides referrals to local legal aid and public interest law offices, basic information about legal rights, court forms, court information and more in your state.
National Association of the DeafFor : All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Preserve, protect, and promote the rights of Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
SuperBetter AppFor: All Ages l App l Coping Skill l Interactive games to help people recover from various conditions while offering self-care ideas.
TeenTribe Wellness CommunityFor: Teens | Website | Support | Online peer support group for teens facing mental health challenges and/or difficult family dynamics.
U.S. Dept. of Justice: Effective Communication (ADA)For : All Ages | PDF | Informative | Addresses the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and explains effective communication in regards to this Act.
You Feel Like ShitFor: All Ages | Interactive | Support | Self-help web guide for people struggling with self care.
Your Life Your VoiceFor: Kids & Teens | Website | Service | Resources and 24/7 hotline for teen and young adults facing a variety of issues.


Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy NetworkFor: Adults | Women | Website | Advocacy | Empowers deaf and blind survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and harassment.
After SilenceFor: All Ages | Forum | Support | Not Mobile Friendly | Designed to help victims become survivors and promote recovery after sexual violence.
Center for Relationship Abuse AwarenessFor: Adults | Website | Informative | Provides information and resources about relationship abuse, barriers for leaving and safety planning tips.
Childhelp National Child Abuse HotlineFor: All Ages | Website | Informative and Support | Provides parents and teachers with resources, training and support to prevent child abuse.
DOVE: Deaf Overcoming Violence through EmpowermentFor: All Ages| Website | Support | Provides support for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Deaf community.
National Children’s Advocacy CenterFor: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides information and training for parents, kids, and professionals in order to prevent child abuse.
National Human Trafficking HotlineFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Anti-trafficking hotline and resource center serving victims and survivors of human trafficking.
RAINNFor: All Ages | Website | Support and Informative | Information, resources and confidential hotline for sexual assault, abuse survivors and prevention.
Dartmouth Relaxation DownloadsFor: All Ages | Website | Coping Skill | Provides audio files for guided relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and imagery exercises.
Homelessness Shelter DirectoryFor: All Ages | Directory | Informative l National directory of homeless shelters, dental/medical clinics, rent assistance, relief organizations, women’s shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, etc.
Insight TimerFor: For: All Ages | App | Coping Skill | Free guided meditations and ambient sounds with ability to connect with like-minded meditators.
Military One SourceFor: Adults | Website | Service | Offers military families a wide range of support for many aspects of military life.
Pixel ThoughtsFor: All Ages | Interactive | Coping Skill | 60-second meditation tool to ease worries and release bothersome thoughts.
PTSD CoachFor: Adults & Teens | App | Advocacy & Support | A free app and website available to people with PTSD find and practice coping skills.
Quiet KitFor: All Ages | Website | Coping Skill | Provides easy guided meditations and breathing exercises for beginners.
School/Life Balance TipsFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides students with tips on balancing and prioritizing the demands of school, work, family and friends.
Stop, Breathe, ThinkFor: All Ages | App | Coping Skill | Provides short activities to guide people through meditation for mindfulness and compassion.
Anti-Buillying Guide for Deaf ChildrenFor: Adults | PDF | Informative | Provides guidance on how to prevent and handle bullying incidents for deaf children *Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing approved!*
Cyber Civil Rights InitiativeFor: All Ages l Website l Support and Advocacy | Support victims of non-consensual pornography, revenge porn and other forms of online abuse.
PACER’s National Bullying Prevention CenterFor: Kids & Teens | Website | Informative & Support | Connects students to resources, education and information for bullying prevention, awareness and support.
Stomp Out BullyingFor: Teens | Website | Informative & Advocacy | Provides information and advice for advocates and victims of bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and other forms of abuse.
Stop BullyingFor: Kids & Teens | Website | Informative and Advocacy | Federal website with resources on bullying, cyberbullyingprevention, responses to bullying.
Without My ConsentFor: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Shares resources and tips for victims experiencing onlince privacy violations and harassment.


Anxiety & Depression Association of AmericaFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Promotes prevention, treatment and support for anxiety, depression and related disorders.
The Art of Self LoveFor: Adults & Teens | PDF | Support | Provides exercises for increased self-esteem, self-worth and ultimately self-love.
Half of UsFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Information on mental illness and connects students with resources to decrease stigma and encourage healthy dialogue.
Depression & Bipolar Support AllianceFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Provides support and education to improve the lives of people who have mood disorders.
Help GuideFor: Adults | Website | Informative | Resources addressing symptoms and treatment of psychological, emotional and social health.
Hope XchangeFor: All Ages | Website | Support Mentorship to people people of all ages and their families affected by bipolar disorder and/or LGBTQ+ with an emphasis on suicide prevention as well as mental health advocacy.
Mental Health America (MHA)For: Adults | Website | Advocacy | Community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and to promoting the overall mental health of all Americans.
MoodToolsFor: Adults & Teens | App | Support | Tracking and instructions on a variety of skills, coping strategies, and safety planning.
National Alliance of Mental IllnessFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Advocacy | Provides information and advocacy for those affected by mental illness.
Reach OutAdults | App | Support | Connect with others via app for support chat about chronic illness, mental health, and substance use. Must be 18 to sign up.
T2HealthFor: Adults | App | Support | Assists with PTSD symptoms using self-assessment, symptom management, support and education.
Eating Disorder AnonymousFor: Adults & Teens | Forum | Support | Online and live communities who support each other in their struggle to recover from eating disorders.
MyPlateFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides nutrition education and online tools to create healthier lifestyle choices.
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated DisordersFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Supports and educates individuals struggling with eating disorders and their families.
National Eating Disorder AssociationFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Advocates for individuals and families affected by eating disorders.
Proud2BmeFor: Teens | Forum | Support and Advocacy | Online community promoting positive body image and encouraging healthy attitudes about food and weight. 
Recovery RecordFor: Adults & Teens | App | Interactive | Supports recovery and tracks progress for people with eating disorders.
GLBT Near MeFor: All Ages | Directory/Search | Support | Provides an online database for finding GLTBT-friendly resources and support in your area.
It Gets BetterFor: Teens & Kids | Website | Coping Skill | Communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth around the world that it gets better.
It’s Pronounced MetrosexualFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Advocacy | Provides individuals, groups, schools, and advocates with resources about gender and sexuality.
National Center for Transgender EqualityFor: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides information and multi-level resources about transgender people and the issues such as healthcare, homelessness and civil rights.
PFLAGFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides LGBTQ community and their loved ones with information, tools, resources, advocacy, education and support.
Trevor ProjectFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Support and Informative | Provides LGBTQ youth with resources and crisis intervention services.
Dougy CenterFor: All Ages | Website | Informative | Provides support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving a death can share their experiences.
Modern LossFor: Teen & Adults | Forum | Support | Online grief support and forum
Moyer FoundationFor: Adult & Kids | Website | Service | Provides comfort, hope and healing to children and families affected by grief, including Camp Erin for bereaved children and teens.
National Alliance for Grieving ChildrenFor: All Ages | Website | Informative | Provides information on supporting children through grief, including a national database of grief support programs, camps, and community resources.
The Compassionate FriendsFor: All Ages | Website | Informative | Provides support for bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents who have lost a child at any age from any cause. Offers local and virtual chapter meetings.
Wendt Center for Loss and HealingFor: All Ages | Website | Support | Provides support and a sense of safety for people who have experienced loss, life-threatening illnesses, violence, or other trauma.
DoSomething.orgFor: Teens | Website | Advocacy | Connects youth with volunteer opportunities and campaigns with a wide range of community-related topics.
InspireFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Forum | Anonymous online support groups that connects people who share similar hardships.
KindnessFor: All ages | Interactive | Service | This website creates initiatives for small acts of kindness —for anyone, anywhere— to create a sense of purpose and community.
MeetupFor: Adults & Teens | Interactive | Support | Find and connect with local groups of people who share common interests.
Dealing with relationship Break-upsFor: Teens | PDF | Informative | Addresses the challenges of relationship break-ups and provides ways to cope with those emotions.
Love Is RespectFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Educates young people to prevent and end abusive relationships by offering support and resources.
National Runaway SafelineFor: Teens & Kids | Website/Interactive | Service helps runaway and homeless youth to problem-solve and locate social services, such as shelter, food, medical care, or counseling. Includes hotline, textline, and forum.
Planned ParenthoodFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Service | Delivers reproductive health care, sex education, and information to women, men, and young people worldwide.
ScarleteenFor: Teens | Website | Informative | Provides inclusive and comprehensive information for teens and young adults on sexuality, relationships and sex.
Sex Addicts AnonymousFor: Adults | Website | Support | Offers information on and help locating local meetings of this 12-step program for people trying to overcome sex addiction.
Surviving A Relationship Break-UpFor: Adults & Teens | PDF | List top 20 strategies to cope with a relationship break-up.
Butterfly ProjectFor: Teens | Forum | Interactive | A peer-driven blog site for those who struggle with self-harm.
Calm HarmFor: Teens | App | Service | Timed activities to help resist or manage self-harm urges with ability to log completed activities and tracks progress.
Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and RecoveryFor: All Ages | PDF | Informative | Lists numerous distraction techniques and alternative coping skills for dealing with self-harm.
Help Guide on Cutting and Self-HarmFor: All Ages | PDF | Informative | Provides information on cutting and self-harm, including identifying triggers, finding new coping techniques, and how to support a loved one who cuts or self-harms.
To Write Love on Her ArmsFor: All Ages | Website | Support | Finds help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicidal thoughts..
Al-AnonFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Service | Helps family and friends recover from the effects of someone else’s drinking through a 12-step program including regular attendance at group meetings.
Alcoholics AnonymousFor: Adults | Website | Service | Recovery from alcohol addiction through a 12-step program including regular attendance at group meetings.
Nar-AnonFor: Adults | Website | Service | Helps family and friends of addicts recover from the effects of living with an addicted relative or friend.
Narcotics AnonymousFor: Adults | Website | Service | Recovery from drug addiction through a 12-step program including regular attendance at group meetings.
National Institute for Drug Abuse – TeensFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Informative | Provides drug education for teens, parents and educators, as well as information about what to do if you or someone you know has a problem with drugs.
Online Intergroup: Alcoholics AnonymousFor: All Ages | Website | Support | Provides support through online groups and carries the message of recovery.
Partnership for Drug Free KidsFor: Adults | Website | Support | For families struggling with a child’s substance abuse.
SMART RecoveryFor: Adults | Website | Service | A substance use self-help program using cognitive behavioral approaches to recover from addictive behaviors.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)For: Adults & Teens | Website | Directory/Search | Provides information and support aimed to reduce the impact of substance abuse. Now has a self esteem guide.
American Foundation for Suicide PreventionFor: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides resources for suicide prevention, grief support and education for individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts/feelings.
Facebook: Reporting Suicidal ContentFor: All Ages | Website | Service | The “Report Suicidal Content” page on Facebook for third-party texters.
Jed FoundationFor: Teens | Website | Purpose: Informative | Empowers teens and young adults with the skills and support to grow into healthy adults
Military Help LineFor: Adults | Website | Service | Dial (888) 457-4838 or text MIL1 to 839863 to receive 24/7 confidential crisis intervention focused on military-specific issues.
My 3 AppFor: Adults & Teens | App | Support | Helps create a safety plan for those experiencing suicidal thoughts, including who to contact.
National Suicide Prevention LifelineFor: All Ages | Website and Hotline | Service | Toll-free 24/7 confidential suicide prevention and crisis hotline.
Suicide Loss Survivors – SuicidologyFor: All Ages | Website | Informative| Provides free, online resources for suicide loss or attempt survivors, as well as those looking to help a survivor of suicide.
The Buddy ProjectFor: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Aims to prevent suicide and provide self-harm alternatives by pairing people through social media as buddies and raising awareness for mental health.